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English teachers needed in China via ERRC (Spring 2009)

Posted by sedwardyang on November 25, 2008

You are invited to partner with ERRC this Spring 2009 in the following positions:


English composition.
Requires MA degree and teaching experience. Will be teaching with team.

Oral English (listening and speaking)
Requires BA degree, TESOL certificate, and teaching experience. Relevant MA degree can be substituted for TESOL.

Taian (Shandong Province)

English immersion classes for government officials
(Shortened) term length is from Feb 7 to May 10.
Requires BA degree, TESOL certificate, teaching experience. MA degree may be substituted.

Oral English and Western culture.
Requires BA degree, TESOL certificate, teaching experience.  MA degree may be substituted.


Business or Business English.

-Business English requires BA degree, TESOL certificate, teaching experience. MA degree may be substituted.

-Business subjects require MA or higher in relevant subject.


1405 Arch Street
Berkeley, CA 94708
Tel: (510) 219-2431
Fax: (510) 486-8160


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American Culture & Literature Teacher needed in University in China (Fall 2008)

Posted by sedwardyang on June 24, 2008

American Culture & Literature Teacher
Wanted at a University in China

  • Position: Teach American culture,  literature and oral english to undergraduate students
  • Location: Taian, Shandong, China
  • Compensation: The host institute will provide a free furnished apartment on campus. Reimbursement for international airfare for completion of full year. Monthly stipends are more than sufficient for living in China.
  • Commitment: One semester minimum (Sept 08-Jan 09); A full year (Sept. 08-July 09) commitment preferred.
  • Requirements: 2 years teaching experience required.  Mature Christian. Excellent health. Good people skills.
  • Additional Requirements: All applicants must be willing to join the ERRC Partnership Team, and must be willing to raise funds for the cost of partnership and international medical insurance.
  • Teaching Assignments: Teach 16 hours maximum per week.
  • Class: Approximately 45 students per class.
  • Curriculum: Largely your own, with resources provided by ERRC

For more information, contact our Mobilization Director, Sharon Seeberger, at or call 1-800-377-2446 [1-800-ERRChin(A)]

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Teach for America – Fight educational inequity!

Posted by sedwardyang on December 20, 2007

• Only half of the 13 million children growing up in low-income areas graduate from high-school by the time they are 18.
• Of those who do graduate, they are performing, on average, at the level of eighth graders in wealthy communities.
• Only one out of ten actually goes on to graduate from college.

Millions of children in the United States are receiving a substandard education. Given this huge inequity in our privileged nation, how can Christians help eliminate this injustice?

Teach For America is one way to serve and empower low-income children. Teach For America is a national education non-profit that recruits recent outstanding college graduates to teach for two years in our nation’s most under-resourced schools. This year, nearly 4,400 corps members are teaching in over 1,000 schools in 25 regions across the country and they are having a tangible impact on student achievement. More than 12,000 Teach For America alumni continue working from inside and outside the field of education for the fundamental changes necessary to ensure educational excellence and equity. Teach For America alumni become life-long advocates for education and justice – many of them stay in teaching, but they’ve also gone on to start charter schools, run urban school districts, fight for educational and economic equity through law and public policy, and start health care clinics to provide better health care options to people in low-income communities.

Many Christians are looking for ways to put their faith in action. Fighting educational inequity is one of the most powerful ways we can level the playing field in our nation. To learn more about how Teach For America is part of the movement to eliminate educational inequity, visit:

Contact Dr. Nicole Baker Fulgham at

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