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English Pastor/Minister – Chinese Christian Church of Germantown, MD

Posted by sedwardyang on March 22, 2009

Chinese Christian Church of Germantown (Germantown, MD) is a steadily growing Church. We are looking for a committed pastor to help expand the kingdom of God through the ministry in English-speaking congregation.

Faith Requirement

  • Demonstrated faith in One, living, eternal, almighty, personal and true God who is equally God the Father, God the Son Jesus Christ, and God the Holy Spirit, who has revealed Himself to man in these three persons.
  • Unconditional acceptance of the scripture
  • Life testimony of Christian faith


  • The candidate shall have the qualification of an Elder.
  • The candidate received clear calling to serve as a pastor/minister in the English ministry of a Chinese Christian Church.
  • Formal pastoral training from accredited Christian Seminaries highly desired. At least one year of pastoral experience preferred.


The selected candidate is to serve as the Pastor/minster for the entire English ministry, which includes the ministry of youths and adults. Currently the English ministry is consisted of ~40 people. The candidate is expected to develop and implement a long term vision for the growth of English ministry.

If  the Pastor/Minister is committed to serving in the Church on a non-transient basis, the individual may also be confirmed and accepted as an Elder of the Church at the time of appointment or at a later date. The Pastor/Minster shall work with the English Ministry coworker group and be held accountable to the Elder Board.


If interested, please contact the following for details:

C. C. Hsin
Elder and Chair of Pastor/Minister Search Committee
Chinese Christian Church of Germantown
Email Elder Hsin
301 983 2713 (h)

Rev. Y. Y. Kuo
Senior Pastor
Chinese Christian Church of Germantown
Email Rev. Kuo
301 515 1881 (h)


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