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Faculty Openings at Regent University

Posted by sedwardyang on December 5, 2007

Dr. Wie Tjiong wishes to announce four faculty openings at Regent University (Virginia Beach, VA) in New Testament, Old Testament, World Christianity and Global Missions, and Practical Ministry. Click this link to the SANACS website, if interested.


Dr. Wie L. Tjiong
Professor, Practical Theology, School of Divinity
Regent University
1000 Regent University Dr.
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23464-9800
Work: (757)226-4538
Fax: (757)226-4636


One Response to “Faculty Openings at Regent University”

  1. Dr. James Willingham said

    Dear Sir:

    I have the following degrees: B.S.Ed (1967), M.A. (American
    Social & Intellectual History. 1971), 18 hrs. toward a Ph.D. in Black History (1971). M. Div. (1974), D.Min.(1976), M.A. (Counseling, 1988). I served 28 years in the pastoral ministry, taught Amerian Hiry 1970-72 at S.C. State College. I also served as a Counsellor in a high school. Your positions in practical ministry & global, etc. mentioned a D.Min. I do have that, but the date for submission was 12-15-07. Am I too late?

    Yours truly,

    Dr. Jim Wilingham

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