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Teach for America – Fight educational inequity!

Posted by sedwardyang on December 20, 2007

• Only half of the 13 million children growing up in low-income areas graduate from high-school by the time they are 18.
• Of those who do graduate, they are performing, on average, at the level of eighth graders in wealthy communities.
• Only one out of ten actually goes on to graduate from college.

Millions of children in the United States are receiving a substandard education. Given this huge inequity in our privileged nation, how can Christians help eliminate this injustice?

Teach For America is one way to serve and empower low-income children. Teach For America is a national education non-profit that recruits recent outstanding college graduates to teach for two years in our nation’s most under-resourced schools. This year, nearly 4,400 corps members are teaching in over 1,000 schools in 25 regions across the country and they are having a tangible impact on student achievement. More than 12,000 Teach For America alumni continue working from inside and outside the field of education for the fundamental changes necessary to ensure educational excellence and equity. Teach For America alumni become life-long advocates for education and justice – many of them stay in teaching, but they’ve also gone on to start charter schools, run urban school districts, fight for educational and economic equity through law and public policy, and start health care clinics to provide better health care options to people in low-income communities.

Many Christians are looking for ways to put their faith in action. Fighting educational inequity is one of the most powerful ways we can level the playing field in our nation. To learn more about how Teach For America is part of the movement to eliminate educational inequity, visit:

Contact Dr. Nicole Baker Fulgham at

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Acts Fellowship Church in Austin, Texas seeks Associate Pastor

Posted by sedwardyang on December 15, 2007

Greetings in Christ Jesus.

My name is Charles Lee, and I am the pastor of Acts Fellowship Church in Austin, Texas – primarily an English-speaking Korean American ministry.

We are prayerfully seeking an associate pastor that will primarily work with the college students (65-85).  So, if you know of anyone who might be interested, please let us know or pass the word to them.

Our church is an independent English-speaking Asian-American church. For more information, visit our web site at

If anyone is interested, please contact me for details on the application process.  We are affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.

Qualification:  MDiv from a conservative evangelical seminary (Baptist seminary preferred), Baptist background preferred, married (preferred).


Charles J Lee
Acts Fellowship Church

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Arlington Chinese Church seeks an Associate Pastor for the English-speaking congregation

Posted by sedwardyang on December 13, 2007

Arlington Chinese Church is seeking an Associate Pastor for the English-speaking congregation. The Associate Pastor shall work with the pastoral staff as a team, in which the Senior Pastor is the team leader, to fulfill the mission our Lord Jesus Christ has given to us.

The Associate Pastor is to nurture and shepherd the English-speaking congregation. He will assist in various ministries with the Chinese-speaking congregation, leading to the completion of the total vision and mission of the church.

Job Description

The Associate Pastor’s preaching and teaching duties include:
• Preaching on pulpit on Sunday worship service
• Preparing Sunday worship details
• Teaching adult Sunday school
• Equipping and providing support to English adult small group lay pastors
• Leading a small group when needed
• Equipping and empowering lay leaders

The Associate Pastor’s other duties include:
• Visitation of members and visitors
• Counseling members of the congregation
• Participate in elder and deacon meetings
• Administer ordinances
• Participate in prayer meetings
• Participate in evangelism and missions

The successful candidate must be a graduate of an accredited bible college or seminary in North America, Master of Divinity degree or higher preferred. The person must have three or more years of pastoral experience in North America, with experience in Chinese American churches helpful. The successful candidate must be fluent in spoken and written English. The ability to communicate in Mandarin or Cantonese is helpful but not required. It is preferable that the successful candidate be ordained and married. There is no ethnicity preference. The person must agree with ACC’s “Missions, Values, Vision, and Strategy” and abide by its constitution. Moreover, the successful candidate must transfer membership to ACC. A background and credit check will be conducted on the successful candidate. Salary will be commensurate with experience. A comprehensive benefits package will be provided.

ACC is non-denominational. We are a member of and partner with Southern
Baptist of Texas Convention to reach Texas for Christ through church planting. Our Sunday worship comprises of two Chinese worship services (Mandarin and Cantonese) and an English worship service. The church was founded in 1980 as a mission of the First Baptist Church, Arlington. The congregation at present consists of approximately 360 adults, 70 youth and 70 children. The church staff consists of a pastor, an interim youth pastor, a children’s minister, a minister for outreach ministry, a secretary and a part-time administrator. Further details of the church can be obtained at our website

Download detailed job description here

Contact Person:

Dr. Sang Wu
Arlington Chinese Church
805 Oakwood Lane
Arlington, TX 76012

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Urgent request for English teachers at one of the best language institutes in China

Posted by sedwardyang on December 10, 2007

We have received an urgent request for English teachers at one of the best language institutes in China:

Position:    Two English Teachers for English Major Undergraduate Students
Location:    Beijing, China
Compensation:    The host institute will provide a furnished apartment on campus. Monthly stipends are more than sufficient for living in China. Medical insurance in China covered by the host institute.
Commitment:    Spring 2008 (one full semester with option of renewal).
Requirements:    Mature Christian. Teaching experience and TESL certificate. Excellent health. Good people skills.  Debt free.
Additional Requirements    All applicants must be willing to join the ERRC Partnership Team, and must be willing to raise funds for the cost of partnership and airfare. (Please see “Being Sent is a Partnership” at the end of this email.)
Teaching Assignments:    Teach oral English/writing/reading comprehension (2 out of 3), 16 hours maximum per week.
Class:    Undergraduate English major students, approximately 30 students maximum per class.
Curriculum:    ERRC will provide a TESL curriculum guide.
Team:    ERRC has one other teacher at the same institute.
For more information, contact our Mobilization Director, Sharon Seeberger, at, or call 1-800-377-2446.
Support for Teaching

How can they call on the one they have not believed in?  And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard?  And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?  And how can they preach unless they are sent?

As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.”
            —Romans 10:14,15

If you are reading about this ERRC teaching opportunity in China, it’s likely you are considering it for yourself or for someone you know. Perhaps you just read a description of a teaching position, with its required commitments as well as qualifications and benefits. But this is more than a teaching position; this is an opportunity to make a difference in China.

As you consider this opportunity, know that your effectiveness to impact someone’s worldview maybe proportionate to the commitment of the people who stay at home to pray for you. Without that, you could perhaps be an excellent teacher, but your engagement in the work of God’s kingdom would not be complete. Pray about it. Why do you want to teach in China?

ERRC will be your partner, if you respond to the call.  Besides having a team of behind the scenes administrative people at ERRC making this possible, you need to begin thinking now about who might be on the team that sends you. Your sending team will empower you to be as effective as possible.

While you will receive a stipend from your host institute in China and other benefits,  you will be asked to contribute to a Partnership Fund that will facilitate your placement and orientation. (The amount varies with assignment; for exact amounts write the mobilization office at

It is very likely your sending team will want to stand behind you not only through prayer and emotional support, but by providing extra finances you may need to support this experience. ERRC will help you establish a budget and learn how to communicate this very exciting vision to those people whom God calls to support His work worldwide– in this case, perhaps through sending you to China.

Open your own heart to the idea of being sent, of joining with a team in this opportunity for ministry, and letting all synergistically enjoy the rewards of being part of your ministry.

1405 Arch St.
Berkeley CA 94708
Tel:  (510) 486-8170
Fax:  (510) 486-8160

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Faculty Openings at Regent University

Posted by sedwardyang on December 5, 2007

Dr. Wie Tjiong wishes to announce four faculty openings at Regent University (Virginia Beach, VA) in New Testament, Old Testament, World Christianity and Global Missions, and Practical Ministry. Click this link to the SANACS website, if interested.


Dr. Wie L. Tjiong
Professor, Practical Theology, School of Divinity
Regent University
1000 Regent University Dr.
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23464-9800
Work: (757)226-4538
Fax: (757)226-4636

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